My Personal Narrative

I woke up at the middle of the night when we went to Church Camp.I did not want to go but my nanna made me go.The first night I went to church camp.Once I got there.After packing and lunch,we went swimming,I went on the blob,it was fun I went launching.Then I shot a bow and missed them all,the 2nd time I almost hit one,the 3rd time I hit one,and the last time I hit them all.I also went zip lining,bb range,and the water swing.On the last day we wached a movie.Then we packed up and left.About the zip lining,I had a choice walk in tall grass or get a ride.I chose the ride cause the tall grass was over my head,it looked like snakes could come.There also was canoing.When I got back to White Oak I was happy my nanna made me go,I want to go again.