Earth Day Post

Every one wanted clean air,water,and food.

Americans were not able to drink clean water or breath clean air.

The day we know as Earth Day.

Homes now had fresh unpolluted air and water.

Did a big thing that saved us from pollution.

Air and water was now unpolluted.

Year round we will always have Earth Day even if some people do it different.Earth 2


My Thoughts of Child Labor

My thoughts of child labor are,that it was unfair that kids 5 years old had to work and do dangerous things for the jobs like working in coal mines with all the coal dust they would breathe in and how fast they had to do it. But I learned that in mills the doors were locked so they could not get out which was bad because there was a fire once but the doors were locked so they had to jump out the window and the net to catch them broke. Some more of my thoughts are that it was unfair that if you were even a second late they would cut your pay and if you lost a finger our two you would still have to work which was unfair. That’s my thoughts and what I learned about child labor. What do you think about it?c labor

I would be Executive President

I would be President because,

I rarely get sick so I would be in a lot so Vice president would not be in much and I would be good at approving laws and I would be a fair president. I would work at agreements concerning trade to the aid that the United States gives to needy countries. I’d appoint ambassadors to represent the United States in foreign countries. I would also be a good commander in chef. That’s why I want to be the Executive part of branch and President.