How Malala Inspired People

Malala wanted to get her voice heard for girls rights to be heard, and to stand for freedom of the Taliban.

Not much girls can go to school because of the Taliban law, because, they’re worried from what will happen. Some girls aren’t allowed to go to school, because, their fathers and brothers wouldn’t let them because of the law. The Taliban were taking over swat and bombing girls schools. Schools were being destroyed.” The school Fazlullah had destroyed was a primary school, not even a school that taught teenagers.”

Obviously that’s why Malala inspires people by getting her voice heard for girls rights and to stand for freedom from the Taliban.

Importance of Education

Education is important to Malala because, she wants to be able to read the prices and have an education.Most women can’t read,because, they didn’t go to school.”None of them could read.”She wants to be successful in life. Not much women are successful.”Many of the girls in the village-including most of my cousins-didn’t go to school.” Those are some reasons learning is crucial to Malala.