Be Prepared for Middle School

Do you want to be prepared for 6th grade,because,I will be giving you some advice to follow in middle school. To be prepared for 6th grade always have your supplies and listen to your teachers.

Always have your supplies. You need to so you don’t get in a pickle from your teachers. Because if you don’t you will be in a problem,and,if twice you don’t have your supplies you will get lunch detention. By always putting your supplies in the right area. That’s why you should always have your supplies.

Listen to your teachers. Otherwise you might be unprepared for a quiz. By not talking when they are. So you are prepared for a test,and,don’t get in trouble by the staff. That’s why you should listen to your teachers.

So now you know what to do,but,will you do it? To be prepared you should,always carry your materials and hear out to what your teacher announces,follow this and you will do fine in middle school.