American Revolution:The Cost of War

The economic warfare between Great Britain and the colonists began well before the colonies declared their Independence in 1776. Regulations from the crown were met with fierce opposition from the colonists. After lobbies and petitions proved ineffective,the colonists turned to boycotting imported English goods. Boycotting proved to be successful in crippling British trade. After a second boycott in 1768 parliament Townshend duties except for the tax on tea. The colonists persisted and the American boycott on tea ultimately culminated in the Boston Tea party of 1773.     cost

American patriot John Jay

The New York native drafted the states first Constitution

He then became U.S minister to Spain

The descendant of French protestant

He accepted appointment

John Jay

Minister of Spain

Entered a war on Britain

He returned to America and learned congress

His most important actions again involved relations with Spain


Pearl Harbor

Pearl harbor attack happened on December 7th,1941


every thing did need some upgrades after.


Right then we knew that Japanese was attacking.


lost some men.


happened at 7:55


Attack on pearl harbor is what it is called.


really needed to work on defense


battleships names were California,Maryland,Oklahoma,Tennessee,West Virginia,Arizona.


one hero’s name was Doris Miller.


really happy Japan  did not do way worst than it is.




Fur Trader

The English wanted fur for hats,cloth like coats,and trimmings. Beaver pelts were for men’s hats. Colonist new the English would buy fur for needed goods. Colonist made trading post for fur. The traders traded cloth,iron tools,beads,and supplies to native tribes for fur. The fur was important to the nation’s growth. The search for furs led to new lands,so towns grew up by fur trading. The fur trade led to bad feelings between native tribes. It changed the way of life and work. what caused it was control of the fur trade was one of the causes of the french and Indian  war. The fur trade fell off in the late 1700’s. Animals became scarce as the settlement  increased so that meant there were less trades.fur.

Homecoming in White Oak school

Homecoming in White Oak is extraordinary because instead of it coming in 1 or 2 years it takes 3 years so,this is my first homecoming in White Oak or, in my life so I will have no idea of what will happen. The only thing I know about is that there will be a football game so I hope we win the game and this will be fun because me and my mom and little brother get to go under the bleachers so you don’t have to go down the bleachers to get to the Constantine stands which is really helpful. Also I know my way around so if my brother goes anywhere I can make sure he does not  get lost and if he needs to know where something is I can show him were. Now about Homecoming I know it will be fun cause I will see my friends and be able to play with them. I can not wait I hope I see you there.

Jamestown or Plymouth

I would rather be in Jamestown then Plymouth because of how good they worked together and the home they built, it looks very protective because of the fence,no wolf could get in. This is what it looks like. so you can see why I would pick it. Jametown This is the address.-> Would you not want to live here? Really would you want to not live here please,answer in the comments. But I would bring some food and drinks,cloth,and supplies but not my family.