Being Brave and Fearless like Malala

Being daring is important,because, people are not being brave when they should. Why you should be brave like Malala. Bravery is a major part of life,because, you can stand for what you believe in and take risk like Malala with this in mind.

When you’re fearless you stand for what you believe in. It can help you get what is right. You will start getting help with what is right only if you’re brave enough to fight for it, or. Being brave is what you do to get what you need. You have to be brave to go up and say what you need.

When you’re brave you do things that have hazard. You will go somewhere that has risk to do what is right. Because you know you need to and it is the right thing to do with bravery,also. You do what is right. By telling the truth even though you could get in trouble for it.

Those are some reasons being bold by standing for what is right and taking risk is an important part of life just like it is to Malala. That’s why being brave is important and why more people need to begin being brave because other wise we will get nothing done are you brave enough to do all of this like Malala did.

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