Be Prepared for Middle School

Do you want to be prepared for 6th grade,because,I will be giving you some advice to follow in middle school. To be prepared for 6th grade always have your supplies and listen to your teachers.

Always have your supplies. You need to so you don’t get in a pickle from your teachers. Because if you don’t you will be in a problem,and,if twice you don’t have your supplies you will get lunch detention. By always putting your supplies in the right area. That’s why you should always have your supplies.

Listen to your teachers. Otherwise you might be unprepared for a quiz. By not talking when they are. So you are prepared for a test,and,don’t get in trouble by the staff. That’s why you should listen to your teachers.

So now you know what to do,but,will you do it? To be prepared you should,always carry your materials and hear out to what your teacher announces,follow this and you will do fine in middle school.

Being Brave and Fearless like Malala

Being daring is important,because, people are not being brave when they should. Why you should be brave like Malala. Bravery is a major part of life,because, you can stand for what you believe in and take risk like Malala with this in mind.

When you’re fearless you stand for what you believe in. It can help you get what is right. You will start getting help with what is right only if you’re brave enough to fight for it, or. Being brave is what you do to get what you need. You have to be brave to go up and say what you need.

When you’re brave you do things that have hazard. You will go somewhere that has risk to do what is right. Because you know you need to and it is the right thing to do with bravery,also. You do what is right. By telling the truth even though you could get in trouble for it.

Those are some reasons being bold by standing for what is right and taking risk is an important part of life just like it is to Malala. That’s why being brave is important and why more people need to begin being brave because other wise we will get nothing done are you brave enough to do all of this like Malala did.

How Malala Inspired People

Malala wanted to get her voice heard for girls rights to be heard, and to stand for freedom of the Taliban.

Not much girls can go to school because of the Taliban law, because, they’re worried from what will happen. Some girls aren’t allowed to go to school, because, their fathers and brothers wouldn’t let them because of the law. The Taliban were taking over swat and bombing girls schools. Schools were being destroyed.” The school Fazlullah had destroyed was a primary school, not even a school that taught teenagers.”

Obviously that’s why Malala inspires people by getting her voice heard for girls rights and to stand for freedom from the Taliban.

Importance of Education

Education is important to Malala because, she wants to be able to read the prices and have an education.Most women can’t read,because, they didn’t go to school.”None of them could read.”She wants to be successful in life. Not much women are successful.”Many of the girls in the village-including most of my cousins-didn’t go to school.” Those are some reasons learning is crucial to Malala.

Communication Differnces and Similarities

While you can communicate with technology communicating in person is a little better. Most people say communicating in person is better and not as rude than communicating with technology.
Here are some similarities between communicating in person and communicating with technology. You’re talking in both ways. You can help someone with something they don’t understand. I was talking to my dad on the phone, then, I went to his house and talked to him. They are both great ways to calm down. You can multi task while talking. Could mess something or someone up. By having two things and doing them at the same time. Those are some similarities between communicating in person and communicating with technology. They are both useful for talking.


Here are some differences between communicating in person and communicating with technology. You need Wi-Fi for your phone but not when talking in person. Your phone could die and the person you’re talking to may start to think you’re rude but talking in person you don’t have to worry about that. Communicating with technology is harder because the area’s you can call in are limited also you could be grounded. There is a lot of risk when communicating with technology than there is when communicating in person. When you communicate with technology you could get hit by a car, run into something, fall from a high place, but, when you communicate in person you’re more aware of your surroundings. A lot of people have died because of playing on their phone or calling/texting while driving or not being aware of their surroundings, but, when communicating in person you are more aware of your surroundings.
There are some differences between communicating in person and with technology. Communicating in person is more safe.


Here is my belief about communicating in person and communicating with technology. Communicating with technology is helpful but is not safe when you don’t stay aware of your surroundings. So don’t be so worred about your friend texting you when you are driving a car or walking across the street, instead, turn off your phone or talk in person unless you want to be the next person to get in a car wreck or hit by a car. That is why I belive that communicating in person is more safe.

My Christmas Eve

On my Christmas Eve,

I went to my Nanney’s house,

For our Christmas party

Before it started

My Poppy told me

That he got a new dog for me to


She looks like a wolf,

Because she is wet and dirty

She is as shy as a rabbit

Yet as calm and silent as can be

Her fur White and Grey

When I petted her fur,

I couldn’t help but to stay

I earned her trust,

By just scratching her head,

And she  slowly walked to me

Which made me wish the day wasn’t almost through