American Revolution:The Cost of War

The economic warfare between Great Britain and the colonists began well before the colonies declared their Independence in 1776. Regulations from the crown were met with fierce opposition from the colonists. After lobbies and petitions proved ineffective,the colonists turned to boycotting imported English goods. Boycotting proved to be successful in crippling British trade. After a second boycott in 1768 parliament Townshend duties except for the tax on tea. The colonists persisted and the American boycott on tea ultimately culminated in the Boston Tea party of 1773.     cost

American patriot John Jay

The New York native drafted the states first Constitution

He then became U.S minister to Spain

The descendant of French protestant

He accepted appointment

John Jay

Minister of Spain

Entered a war on Britain

He returned to America and learned congress

His most important actions again involved relations with Spain