Be Prepared for Middle School

Do you want to be prepared for 6th grade,because,I will be giving you some advice to follow in middle school. To be prepared for 6th grade always have your supplies and listen to your teachers.

Always have your supplies. You need to so you don’t get in a pickle from your teachers. Because if you don’t you will be in a problem,and,if twice you don’t have your supplies you will get lunch detention. By always putting your supplies in the right area. That’s why you should always have your supplies.

Listen to your teachers. Otherwise you might be unprepared for a quiz. By not talking when they are. So you are prepared for a test,and,don’t get in trouble by the staff. That’s why you should listen to your teachers.

So now you know what to do,but,will you do it? To be prepared you should,always carry your materials and hear out to what your teacher announces,follow this and you will do fine in middle school.

Importance of Education

Education is important to Malala because, she wants to be able to read the prices and have an education.Most women can’t read,because, they didn’t go to school.”None of them could read.”She wants to be successful in life. Not much women are successful.”Many of the girls in the village-including most of my cousins-didn’t go to school.” Those are some reasons learning is crucial to Malala.

out of my mind theme

These are some of the reasons I think the theme of out of my mind is don’t let others control you.The first way the theme is shown is that Claire is always being mean to melody.”that sure is a funny looking looking computer.I guess it’s perfect for a girl like you.”Definitely another way the theme is shown is.”They think my brain is messed up like the rest of me.”Finally a way the theme is shown when she’s with Dr.Huggly is.”But melody will never be able to walk on her own or speak a single sentence.”That’s why I think the theme of out of my mind is don’t let others control you.

Sharon Draper’s Writing

There are many ideas about Sharon Draper’s writing that I enjoy. I like how the author makes you feel like you have melody’s problems. “I can’t walk, I can’t talk, I can’t feed myself, and I can’t go to the bathroom by myself, big bummer.” The story is descriptive.”They’d see a girl with brown eyes full of curiosity.” There’s a lot of proof that the author has cerebral palsy knowledge.”But Melody will never be able to walk by herself,or say a single sentence.” These are some of the details that describe and help you understand the ideas of the book Out of my Mind.

Earth Day Post

Every one wanted clean air,water,and food.

Americans were not able to drink clean water or breath clean air.

The day we know as Earth Day.

Homes now had fresh unpolluted air and water.

Did a big thing that saved us from pollution.

Air and water was now unpolluted.

Year round we will always have Earth Day even if some people do it different.Earth 2