Homecoming in White Oak school

Homecoming in White Oak is extraordinary because instead of it coming in 1 or 2 years it takes 3 years so,this is my first homecoming in White Oak or, in my life so I will have no idea of what will happen. The only thing I know about is that there will be a football game so I hope we win the game and this will be fun because me and my mom and little brother get to go under the bleachers so you don’t have to go down the bleachers to get to the Constantine stands¬†which is really helpful. Also I know my way around so if my brother goes anywhere I can make sure he does not ¬†get lost and if he needs to know where something is I can show him were. Now about Homecoming I know it will be fun cause I will see my friends and be able to play with them. I can not wait I hope I see you there.

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